NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven’s Fourth of July fireworks show lit up the sky Monday night.

At Wilbur Cross High School, it was the perfect spot to view the fireworks, which were set off at the top of East Rock.

It was a beautiful day with clear skies as many children and families gathered to watch the display. Kids were cheering and clapping as the big and colorful fireworks graced the sky.

Some people came from out of state to enjoy the show. 

“We’re loving it here. My daughter is doing a couple of weekday camps at Yale so we’re just hanging out in New Haven for a couple of weeks, heading all over the New England area, seeing all the sites, we love it here. We’re from San Antonio so the temperature is great, the food is great and we’re excited to see the fireworks,” said Kevin Moulton. 

Some people who attended thought the view was picturesque and the show was impressive.

“I thought it was great, and I think it’s great for the town of New Haven because everyone can come out and see it and it’s definitely the perfect spot to have it,” said Kate Gregory from Long Island. 

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker said earlier in the night that safety was the priority and that was achieved.

WTNH was proud to be the city’s media partner for the 2022 fireworks display, which was streamed live on and the News 8 app.