NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — An event at Yale University brought together some of the most prominent and influential men of color in Connecticut.

Denval Lawrence, the founder of the Connecticut Men of Color Flash Mob, said the goal is to bring together men who are making great contributions to the state, either professionally or personally.

“I wanted to really capture them in a more positive light,” Lawrence said. “And hopefully we can continue to perpetuate getting to know all these individuals in Connecticut, right, that are making contributions in the same way, that many other folks are making contributions.”

“There’s a perception about African American men, that we dress a certain way, we look a certain way and we act a certain way, and it’s just good to know there’s a lot of us who are professionals,” said Leonard Webb, the founder and publisher of Ethnic Online. “We can step up our game.”

The flash mob is made up of business owners, teachers and professors in the city of New Haven.