NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Queen Elizabeth II visited more than 100 countries during her 70-year reign. She came to the U.S. six times, with one of her stops in Connecticut.

The above picture, from July 10, 1976, shows the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. They came to New Haven from New York off the Royal Yacht and went to Tweed Airport.

It was a short visit, but during that time, the governor of the time, Ella Grasso, presented her with a chess set. You can see them smiling in the picture. The pieces in the chess set are garbed in both British and American costumes from the American Revolutionary War period.

Queen Elizabeth II, left, and Gov. Ella T. Grasso, right, examine a chess set that the governor presented to the queen and Prince Philip, as they made a brief stop on Saturday, July 10, 1976, in New Haven. The pieces in the chess set are garbed in both British and American costumes of the American Revolutionary War period. The queen and Philip were in New Haven to transfer from the HMY Britannia to a plane that was to take them to Virginia. (AP Photo/Robert Child)

The Queen was in the U.S. for the Bi-Cenntenial – the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

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Christine Kinealy, a history professor at Quinnipiac University, said she thinks the Queen was so loved in the U.S because of the tradition she represents.

“She represents a tradition, traditions that in America don’t exist anymore – but again, she wore them very lightly, she was very accessible in the way she presented the monarchy,” Kinealy said. “She was the first monarch to do a walk-about, to have a televised coronation.”

Kinealy grew up in Ireland but lived in the UK for 15 years. She said it’s going to be interesting to see if Charles, now King Charles III, will be able to fill his mother’s shoes and bring something fresh and new to the monarchy.