NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A former late night talk show host stopped by Sally’s Apizza in New Haven on Monday after being turned away last year.

A post on Sally’s Apizza Facebook page summed it up.

“Last year, our amazing manager Rylan turned away Conan O’Brien because we were booked for the day. Word quickly got around the restaurant Conan had been spotted out front and turned away. A regretful Rylan ran up and down Wooster Street looking for him but it was too late. He was long gone, already halfway through his pie elsewhere. Not a day has passed that the team has let her live it down. Today, Rylan got her redemption.”

Rylan and Conan took a selfie together outside the restaurant on Wooster Street.

“Not the best pizza in New Haven – the best pizza EVER,” O’Brien wrote on one of the pizza boxes alongside a drawing of himself.