CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — The calls for action are only getting louder as juvenile crime continues to plague communities across the state. In Cheshire on Monday night, a forum was held to address the town’s growing concerns about what’s been happening.

“I’m concerned about the safety in town,” said David Ioime, a Cheshire resident. “They’ve been trying to do something about it and it’s been falling on deaf ears.”

At the forum, police officers and local leaders shed light on current laws and proposals aimed at putting a stop to this rise in crime. Those proposals include mandatory fingerprinting and expedited arraignments for some young offenders.

“We’ve been taking a much more proactive approach now to seize evidence from those cars: DNA swaps, fingerprinting,” said Chief Neil Dryfe of the Cheshire Police Department.

Members of Safe Streets Connecticut were among those in attendance.

“We are the voice for the citizens of Connecticut who are frustrated and have been desensitized by the growing crime wave that continues to be pervasive around Connecticut,” said John Porriello, of Safe Streets Connecticut.

They’re calling for a special session about crime as well as hoping to sit down with Governor Ned Lamont to address this once and for all.

“Call us!” said Porriello. “We would love to meet!”

A forum, similar to this one, will be held in Bristol on Wednesday. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Bristol Public Library.