EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — When winter weather hits, you turn to Storm Team 8. But, where do you go for all the things you need to battle the elements? For nearly 80 years now, the answer for people in East Haven is Goody’s Hardware.

Rob and David Katz are the proud owners these days. Their family has owned Goody’s since 1933. For you history fans, that was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first year as president. Also that year, the Marx Brothers released “Duck Soup” and the first NFL Championship game was played.

The season’s first snowstorm is on our doorstep. During the summer, the pandemic pretty much put a halt to vacation plans. A lot of people went for high ticket items instead. Some had pools installed, others bought boats and a lot of grills were sold as families spent a lot of time together, especially when the state was shut down.               

Did they save enough money for winter?

“They feel like, ‘I’ll shovel the first few times before I have to invest in a snowblower,'” said David Katz. “Even in a normal year without a pandemic, they try and push out the snowblower if they can. I’ll just do the shoveling. The grills they want to use. They enjoy it, use it a couple of times a week year-round.”

Katz said that most customers do not come in until the day before a snowstorm.

“The age old question is, ‘Whatever happened to the shovel from last year?’”

Walking through the store today, there is no shortage of shovels, ice scrapers, Ice Melt and so on. So, the storm is good for business, right?

“It’s always a catch 22. You sell a lot of shovels and ice melt. Then when it snows; no one comes in, no one comes out.”