A secret recording of a profanity-laced rant just got an assistant football coach at Guilford High School kicked off the team.

Coach Nick D’Angelo, who also happens to be a Hamden police officer, was fired after an investigation by Superintendent Paul Freeman found the language “inappropriate and unacceptable.”

We played the audio for Guilford High junior, Marly Carter. “A lot of anger. Why was he so angry?” she said.

Tyler Mclain also listened to the recording. “Very intense, especially at a school,” said Mclain.

In a statement, Dr. Freeman said, “While it appears the incident on the recording did not occur during this past season or with Guilford athletes, the coach who has been associated with that recording will not be working for Guilford schools in the future.”

“It’s kind of unprofessional,” Mclain suggested.

D’Angelo confirmed to News 8’s Mario Boone he is the person heard repeatedly using profanity and screaming at a group of student-athletes. But, D’Angelo said he doesn’t remember when or what school the recording is from. He declined an on-camera interview, but he did tell us by phone he feels bad for the players because they’re good kids and he feels the recording distracted from the students’ winning season.

He also made clear that he did not give permission to be recorded.

D’Angelo previously served as head coach at Coginchaug High School in Durham until he abruptly quit in 2015 with two games left in the season.

“Speaking like that to people is just not right,” Carter concluded.