HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A Hamden man was shot during a carjacking Thursday morning, police said.

Hamden police responded to Third Street near Dixwell Avenue at 6 a.m. Officers found the 46-year-old victim with gunshot wounds to his lower body. He was taken to the hospital, where he is in stable condition.

Police said two suspects walked up to the man, pulled a gun, and demanded he give them his car before a struggle ensued and the man was shot.

“The guy went down, the kids scrambled to get into the car, and they took off down the street,” said Michael OConnor, who witnessed what happened. “I subsequently ran across the street and helped the gentleman out.”

The suspects took off in the victim’s vehicle, according to police. The vehicle and the suspects haven’t been found yet.

“I mean, why do that?” asked Charles McPherson, of Hamden. “You need that car that badly, to hurt somebody? It doesn’t make any sense.”

People who live in this Hamden neighborhood told News 8 that more has to be done to address this violence.

“Other innocent people could have been hit and be involved in that,” said Adbulqawi Guess, also of Hamden. “My daughter could have been down there. My son could have been down there. It has to stop.”

Hamden police, similar to law enforcement agencies in other communities statewide, has worked to combat car break-ins and thefts. Back in March, a woman was carjacked at Hamden Plaza. After that incident and growing concerns among residents, Hamden police released safety tips.

  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors when you park.
  • If you sense trouble, get away as soon as possible.
  • If you are robbed, make personal safety your number one priority. Money and property can always be replaced. 

Anyone with information about Thursday’s incident is asked to call the Hamden Police Department at (203) 230-4000. Callers may remain anonymous.