HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Community members voiced their concerns to local leaders and law enforcement officers at a public safety meeting at Hamden Town Hall Thursday night.

Prior to the meeting residents submitted questions via email for the public safety meeting and the city of Hamden was ready to listen. 

Residents aired their grievances on road safety, crime and car thefts.

“I think the crime when you’re out and about when you are going shopping, the things that have happened in the past year are very concerning,” resident Karlen Meinsen said.

A mix of federal and local government officials served as panelists for the safety meeting. Panelists included United States Attorney Vanessa Roberts Avery, Chairman of the NAACP Scot X. Esdaile, and State Senators Douglas McCory and Jorge Cabrera.

Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett said the city added additional lights, video surveillance cameras, and security to the shopping plazas to help prevent future crimes.

“We have hired 22 police officers during my term that’s way more than past administrations and we’re doing everything we can to make sure we are hiring police officers,” Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett said.

Hamden Police Chief Timothy Wydra said there will be consequences for anyone who commits a crime in the city.

The city has also signed onto a national lawsuit put together by attorney generals from several states to help Hamden receive money to treat opioid addiction, according to Mayor Garrett.

Residents were also given the chance to speak up after the meeting ended. In regards to road safety, the mayor suggested having a road diet, or lane reduction between Whitney Road and Dixwell Avenue, one of the busiest areas in town. 

Resident Marleen Roberts said she left the meeting feeling content. 

“Everything was answered it was really informal and they hit every subject that needed to be hit for public safety,” resident Marleen Roberts said.