HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH)– The Hamden school district is rolling out a bus tracking app so that parents and kids can start and end their school day smoothly.

Hamden parents listen up! You can receive your student’s bus status from your smart phone and track buses in real-time.

The Hamden School District is rolling out an app called ‘First View‘ developed by First Student, the bus company.

“Parents have immediate access to where the bus is, but also the principal of the school has that information, the superintendent’s office has that information. So we all know the same information and we can act on it,” said Jody Goeler, Superintendent of Schools, Hamden Public Schools.

The school superintendent says parents will get instant alerts.

“In this case, it gives parents immediate information so they know where the bus is and how long it will take for the bus to get to the station or to the stop,” said Goeler.

On the app parents will be able to see the arrival and departure times and if the bus is running late.

“Parents can be more strategic as to when to bring a child out to a bus stop and how long they will have to wait,” said Goeler.

School officials say it’s another safety measure. Earlier this year a Hamden bus driver was arrested after police say he dropped a 5-year-old boy off at the wrong bus stop.

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“There was a delay in the time when the parents found the child from where they were,” said Thomas Ariola, Chief Operating Officer.

Thomas Ariola says the app will give parents peace of mind.

“We will know where they are. School will know where they are and the parent will know where they are,” said Ariola.

Parents will have access to the app by the end of January.