NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The group arrested after storming the field during the Yale Harvard game appeared in court on Friday morning.

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The group of 52, mostly made up of students from Yale and Harvard, walked away with five hours of community service.

A group of students and protesters from Harvard and Yale gathered in front of the New Haven Superior Court to rally in support of them.

Back in November, 200 protesters stormed the field of an annual Harvard vs. Yale football game for about an hour.

The protesters were members of two activist groups representing the two Ivy League schools at the game: Fossil Free Yale and Divest Harvard.

Their demand was that both schools divest their interests in fossil fuel companies that contribute to climate change. They also say both universities are profiting from the current debt crisis that’s impacting Puerto Rico.

Towards the end of halftime, about 200 protesters stormed the field and occupied it for about an hour.

50 protesters were arrested. The protest got extra attention because famed “Law and Order” actor and Yale alum, Sam Waterston, was arrested along with other protesters. He was later released.

The students will return back to the New Haven Superior Courthouse on Jan. 27 where they say the charges are expected to be dropped if the community service hours are completed.