WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – On the Friday before Halloween, News 8 got an inside look at a new haunted tour taking place at the Palace Theater in Waterbury.

The theater turned 100 this year. There is so much history behind the building, so many stories, and of course, so many legendary artists who have taken the stage.

As soon as you walk in, the beauty is captivating.

“The novelty of coming into this beautiful space has never gone away,” said Meg Luddy, Events Manager at the Palace Theater. “Every day, I kid you not, when I walk through this building, I’m in awe.”

Luddy grew up in Waterbury and knows the theater’s unique history, starting with its founder, Sylvester Poli.

“He built this theater for the people. He wanted the people to come, and he wanted to make it a palace for the people of Waterbury,” Luddy explained.

The Palace has some haunted history, starting with Poli’s personal mezzanine box.

“This is seat 3,” Luddy said. “And this was Mr. Poli’s seat and this is where all the action happened, a lot of deals were done. When the paranormal societies have come in, they have noticed a temperature change in this box.”

Paranormal investigators will be part of The Palace’s new haunted tour called “Spirits with the Spirits.” They’ll also share the story surrounding magician Harry Houdini’s performance.

“Harry Houdini was a friend of Sylvester Poli,” Luddy said.

In 1924, Houdini cut a hole in the stage for his disappearing act, which was later patched, but when the circus came six years later, an elephant fell through and had to be euthanized.

“Years later, we’ve had paranormal societies come in and do investigations,” Luddy said. “We’ve had it done three times and all three times, they’ve all made similar findings, and one of them was they heard an elephant braying.”

If the paranormal isn’t your thing, Luddy says there is much more to see.

“Once you get here it is warm, it is inviting, and we have fabulous shows, so nothing to be afraid of, not even Mr. Poli,” Luddy said.

The haunted tour is sold out on Friday night, but they going to be doing more in the springtime.