Residents say anyone who grew up in Waterbury has swam in the water at Lakewood Park.

News 8 saw residents who weren’t even swimming pack up and leave the park after hearing the news of high bacteria in the water.

This is the second time this month they have seen signs notifying them that swimming is not allowed due to high bacteria.

But, this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

The area was closed off for swimming on July 3 and reopened last Tuesday.

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When it reopened, Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary said it received a beautifully clean health bill. But on Saturday, just days later, the mayor announced it was closed again.

Residents say they don’t plan to fish or swim there.

“With that information, we’re not going to pick fish here any more. I mean, we fish here, we eat them. That’s nothing I want in my kids or anyone else who should be eating them,” Waterbury resident Aishia McCall stated. “That’s kind of disgusting, actually. And they haven’t done anything about it either.”

Lifeguards are still on duty and said they turned a few people away on Sunday.

The water will be retested on Monday.