SEYMOUR, Conn. (WTNH) – The Seymour Fire Department put out a fire on Walnut St. on Saturday night that was caused by the homeowner attempting to melt snow with a garden-torch, responders say.

At 5:37 p.m., the Seymour Fire Department was dispatched for the reported structure fire.

Upon arriving, dispatch quickly discovered the cause: a garden-torch.

The homeowner attempted to melt the snow from this weekend’s nor’easter with a garden-torch and accidentally set the siding on fire. Flames were also found in an exterior wall. The fire was swiftly knocked down before they were able to enter the house again.

“As imaginable, we do not recommend the use of garden-torch or any similar devices as an attempt to melt ice,” the firehouse wrote in a Facebook post.

The Seymour Fire Department sent out an update Monday morning regarding the fire’s origin as inaccurate information was posted on one of the town’s Facebook pages. An earlier post listed the cause of the small fire as a mishap from a flamethrower, when in fact the item used was a garden-torch. The post has since been taken down due to the use of wrong terminology.

The chiefs and officers of the Seymour Fire Department wish to publicly apologize for inaccurately reporting the device used to melt snow as a flame thrower. The department apologizes for any confusion or hard feelings their post caused.