CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — The national non-profit organization Homes For Our Troops donated a home to an injured Marine Corporal on Saturday.

The Marine, Corporal Roger Rua, was severely injured while serving in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, HFOT held a special ceremony where they presented the house to Rua through contributions from donors, supporters, and corporate partners.

Corporal Roger Rua | Photo via HFOT

His new home features more than 40 major special adaptions like widened doorways for wheelchair access, a roll-in shower, and kitchen amenities like pull-down shelving and lowered countertops.

Additionally, the home will alleviate the mobility and safety issues associated with a traditional home, including navigating a wheelchair through narrow hallways or over thresholds, riding on carpets, or reaching for cabinets that are too high.

“The fact that HFOT helps Veterans build back up their lives and makes their dreams come true is something that brings so much hope to all of us,” Rua said. “Without the support from donors, none of this would be possible.”

Rua, who was serving with the Security Platoon attached to the 9th Engineer Support Battalion in 2012, was inside a vehicle as it drone over a command detonated improvised explosive device in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He sustained fractures to his spine, femur and sternum, and traumatic brain injury as a result of the explosion.

While Rua was originally paralyzed from the chest down, he was able to stand and eventually walk small distances after four months of physical therapy, HFOT said. Although his health has improved, he still suffers from chronic lower back pain and injuries affect his quality of life and mobility.

There are currently 75 ongoing projects across the nation, courtesy HFOT. View more information and how to donate here.