EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — When your child returns to day care it might look a lot different as day care centers are making big changes.

Some facilities have closed because not as many parents are dropping their kids off and said staying open would be too risky. 

“I think a lot of centers feel that right now, as far as safety for the kids as well as parents and the staff and her own family, it was best that we stayed closed,” Cathy Ferraro, owner of Cathy’s Clubhouse said.

Cookie Monster Daycare is now back open after closing for a short time.

“One of my day care dads did test positive, so I had to close for two and a half weeks,” Louise Abate said.

Several day care workers told News 8 they’re constantly cleaning.

“I choose to clean everything from top to bottom, Clorox bleach, clean toys, put them outside in hot water,” Abate explained.

At Cathy’s Clubhouse, they’re remodeling the day care to make it safer.

“We installed a few permanent gates inside our classrooms so that even though there are smaller groups we can still keep some children a little bit separate,” Ferraro said.

She said they’re making social distancing into a game for kids.

“Even for the little ones, we can try to make it a game like, ‘Hey, stand on the yellow circle, stand on the red circle.”

Ferraro said when kids return there will be new procedures in place.

“At the door, their temperatures will be taken,” Ferraro told News 8. “We will also try to limit visitors coming in; maybe it will be a curbside drop off that we will instill.”

Ferraro added that her biggest fear is opening and having to close again.