NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -It’s that time again and some people are hoping to start new year’s resolutions.

Releasing the weight of 2021 is a goal that just about everyone has. However, at the District Athletic Club in New Haven, there’s a different approach to stretching into a new year.

“You don’t have to become something different or someone new, just commit back to yourself,” said Whitney Doel, District Athletic Club Manager.

That healthy approach includes social distancing, virtual classes, and of course mask-wearing.

“I’ve learned to kind of pace myself. Without the mask it was really easy to over-exert yourself,” said Carmen Roman, gym member.

As people work up a sweat, either on the weights or floor exercises, the gym’s HVAC system is also hard at work.

“We’ve also had folks here within the gym to move to personal training or to lower attended class times so they can space out a bit,” Doel said.

Gym members are taking advantage of those personal training classes and not just for 2022.

“For me, it’s the long-term goal, not just thinking about the year is starting and want to do something new, and looking beyond that,” said Aibian Field.