From a Super Bowl ring to a prostitution ring.  That’s what billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is facing down in Florida after his arrest in a human trafficking sting.

“Significant, significant trauma,” said Erin Williams, speaking about the harmful impact human trafficking has on victims.  “Often times significant emotional abuse, physical abuse,” she said.

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Williamson is an advocate with anti-human trafficking organization Love146.  She has spent years fighting human trafficking.  Williamson told News 8 watching a wealthy, politically connected figure like Kraft be arrested makes a big statement.  “That sends a very powerful message and that ripples.” 

According to Williamson, human trafficking touches cities and towns across the nation, including here in Connecticut.  

“Every year the number of referrals that we receive has increased year over year,” she explained.  The scourge of sex work also impacts all socioeconomic, races and genders. 

Said Williamson, “If you think this is not happening in your community and in your backyard, I’m here to tell you that it is.”