MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Hundreds of people came together in Milford Sunday to fight for reproductive rights and speak out against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. They want to make sure everyone has access to abortion care.

People of all ages and genders held up signs sharing their outrage over a ruling that is likely to lead to abortion bans in about half the states in the U.S.

Fifty years later, the fight goes on.

“I am appalled that I have to do it again,” Milford resident Barbara Larkin said.

Before Roe v. Wade, Larkin marched in the streets for reproductive rights. When they were granted, she took advantage, ending a pregnancy that couldn’t go to term.

“I didn’t have to fight for it, it was already in place and I just went to my doctor,” Larkin said.

It’s hard for her to think others may not have that option anymore, including her daughter-in-law Natasha.

“Women should have that choice, we should have that freedom, we should have our rights and not be told what to do,” Natasha Larkin said.

On Sunday, they went to Milford Town Hall to make their voices heard with the rest of the community and lawmakers.

“I’m a third-generation nurse, I’m a proud nurse, and as my grandmother would say give them hell, so give them hell!” said Kaitlyn Shake, a Stratford town council member.

Significant lawmakers, including Governor Ned Lamont, were also in attendance.

“I thought the court was here to protect our rights, expand our rights, you’re taking away our rights,” Lamont said.

While abortion is still legal in Connecticut, they wanted to show their support for people in the 26 states likely to ban abortion and protect other rights that could be at risk, from contraception to same-sex marriage.

“What we have right now is a bunch of politicians on a court with robes masquerading as justices,” said U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Momentum is already building and is expected to grow through the midterm elections.

“We’re in hot water and we’re strong and we’re going to get out of it,” said Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. “We’re going to work together to get out of it.”

While at the rally, News 8 did not encounter any counter-protestors in support of the Supreme Court’s decision.