NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hundreds of people flocked to the Elm City on Friday in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

While other protests around the nation have been violent, this one aimed to spread messages of love and unity while also calling for justice.

Reverend Scott Marks was one of the day’s biggest advocates, spreading a message to love one another.

“What I’ve been saying to the people is something that should have been happening in the country forever,” Marks said. “I’ve never seen black, white, brown…and the one word [phrase] I’ve been saying is I love you. Basically, I’ve been responsed [sic] by many people saying back to me that they love me.”

News 8 saw Marks tell men and women of all races and ages that he loved them, to which they responded with a heartfelt, “I love you.”

“I’m telling you, this is the time for this to happen,” he added. “Something is about to happen.”

It was a message repeatedly heard as News 8 crews made their way through a sea of people and marched with them from the New Haven Green to the police department.

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Once the group arrived, they gathered together and listened to passionate singers and speakers call for change and equality. Some speakers were as young as 10.

But no matter the age, the message was the same: the world needs unity, love and an end to police brutality.

“You have to be united because all black lives, straight, gay, cis[gender], no matter who they are, where they came from…we all are black and we’re all together,” one speaker shouted. “You should fight for all of us!”

But kind words were the only thing this group shared, strangers also gave out water, snacks and hand sanitizer.

“Water and snacks people need to stay hydrated, and these people are here with a purpose and they have every reason to be here for a peaceful protest,” one protester told News 8.

Another protest is scheduled to take place in New Haven Saturday afternoon, starting around 3 p.m.