NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven’s IKEA donated $5,000 worth of home furnishings to a youth-based homeless shelter in the Elm City.

The sizeable donation was delivered to Y2Y/Youth Continuum on Wednesday, based on a wishlist from the people residing there. Items included towels, sheet sets, pillows, throws, dinnerware, cookware sets, and more.

“IKEA believes that home is the most important place in the world,” IKEA New Haven Market Manager Ashley Beecroft said in a statement. “For those who are at risk and find their home, even temporarily, at shelters within their communities, IKEA strives to provide some support to help make their stay a bit more comfortable.”

Paul Kosowsky, CEO of Youth Continuum, said that IKEA has been “an amazing corporate partner in our efforts to end youth homelessness in the Greater New Haven area.”

“It is only through local community support that such tragic situations can be quickly addressed so that homeless young people get the help they so desperately need,” Kosowsky said. “We are very grateful to IKEA for their many years of support for this program.”

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