HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — An increase in illegal dumping is costing Hamden.

“It’s been going on for several months,” Mayor Lauren Garrett said.

She said illegal dumping of tires and other trash has picked up this year. One incident left the Hamden Department of Public Works with hundreds of tires to pick up and properly discard.

“This is wrong,” said Nariman Remilawi, who live in Hamden.

Nariman Remilawi is fed up after tires were left feet away from her home last week.

Video that her Ring camera caught last Thursday shows a vehicle pulling up, unload four large tires and then leave within minutes.

“Inside my heart, why the man put the wheels in front of your home?” Remilawi said. “Why you bring to my area on my street? That’s no good for us or my area or my street or my neighbors.”

The tires were still sitting on Davis Street on Monday. 

Remilawi hopes the culprit is caught soon. In the meantime, the town will get rid of the tires to keep the quiet neighborhood clean.

“I don’t like that, that he’s making that very bad,” Remilawi said. “Hope more police patrol the area, my area.”

Discarding the vehicle tire is about $3, but what officials are seeing most often is large truck tires, which cost $75 per tire to dispose.

Garrett said the town is adding patrols and cameras to target the source of the problem.

“Places that replace tires have to pay per tire to dispose of them properly, and it seems like they are hiring somebody to take tires and dump them anywhere, and looking for a cheap way to get rid of tires,” Garrett said. “Eventually, we will figure it out and that will not be good for them.”

The town is urging any resident or business with video of illegal dumping to call police.