NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The world’s number one job search engine, Indeed, is partnering up with the state of Connecticut to help locals find jobs after so many were lost during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Indeed’s Director of Social Impact, Abbey Carlton explained, “Indeed has created a custom jobs portal so any Connecticut resident or employer can go to this portal and find open jobs and post their open jobs. And for job seekers, they are able to put their resume up through the portal, so if they opt-in employers who are searching for talent can find them directly.”

The portal is free to search for jobs, create, and upload resumes. According to Indeed, jobs in-demand in Connecticut are nurses, retail sales associates, pharmacy technicians, delivery drivers, customer service representatives, and those in the restaurant industry. 

Carlton added, “If you are thinking about making a change right now you can get a sense of what else is out there, who else is hiring. Start to think about what are those transferable skills that I have that I used in my last job that I could move over to a different type of job.”

Local recruiters told News 8 networking is key and following up on your resume will separate you from the masses. 

Paul Sirbono, a partner with Excel Partners said, “Seek out what is new and developing in your industry in your niche. Maybe learn it while you have some additional time on your hands.” 

Recruitment experts said it is a competitive market so know how to sell your skills and customize your resume.

James Kaiser, the President of Kaiser Whitney Staffing said, “People that have a good resume and a relevant resume stand out. There might be a job for a marketing person. If you’ve been a salesperson you should highlight your marketing experience instead of your sales experience.”

Find a link to the Indeed CT job board here.