(WTNH) – Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) reported Tuesday, in the span of a month they will have taken in more than 200 people who have escaped Afghanistan. The organization says that’s usually how many refugees they resettle in a year.

The organization says they expect up to 500 more in the next six to nine months. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT-D) says so far, he’s helped secure more than $6 billion for resettlement, but he says more help is needed.

“These individuals were stranded and caught in very severe danger from the Taliban because they sided with Americans. Literally, they took our side, protected our troops,” Blumenthal described. “Our great nation should welcome refugees with open arms, hearts, and homes because they have sided with us. They are new Americans,” Blumenthal said.

IRIS says there are still 43 people from New Haven stuck in Kabul, including students.

Chris George of IRIS added, “The 10-year-old student from New Haven who’s stuck in Kabul is sending me voicemail messages. They’re running out of food, and yes, they are running out of hope. But, I am encouraged when I hear Sen. Blumenthal say he will not rest until all of them are home.”

The organization is in touch with those families and schools are trying to get those kids back home so they can get back to learning.