WOLCOTT, Conn. (WTNH) — A large chunk of ice flew off the top of a box truck and smashed through the windshield of a passing car, striking the driver in the face and sending glass everywhere. It happened Wednesday afternoon in Wolcott on Wolcott Road.

“All of a sudden, he saw a blob,” explained Chief Ed Stephens of the Wolcott Police Department. “He said it looked like a black piece of something [coming] right at him. He thought it was going to go over, but it crashed right through.”

Chief Stephens went on to say, “It was two feet by two feet. It was a large piece that went into his car.”

Possibly unaware of what happened, Chief Stephens told News 8 the truck driver continued without stopping.

“It’s something that was preventable,” said Chief Stephens.

We spoke with the victim, Canorris Barron, over the phone on Thursday. He was able to pull over and call the police for help, before being rushed off to the hospital for care. Barron has cuts on his face and arms, but he said he’s grateful it wasn’t worse.

Wolcott Police are now working to identify the truck and driver. They’re currently reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses. 

“There will be tickets given and going forward, any other storms, officers will be pulling people over and have them clean it right away,” said Chief Stephens. “If they don’t want to clean the car, they’re going to receive a ticket.”

Chief Stephens said it only takes a few minutes to clean off your car, following a storm. He said those few minutes make all the difference.

“A $75 ticket is bad, but God forbid someone gets injured, it’s not going to be good,” said Chief Stephens.

The incident remains under investigation.