NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Several dozen people protested Tuesday, rallying against the killing of a 19-year-old man by state police last Wednesday.

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Mubarak Soulemane was shot and killed last Wednesday by Trooper Brian North after he reportedly stole a car at knife-point in Norwalk and led State Police on a chase down I-95, all the way to West Haven.

Mubarak Soulemane’s family and friends now demanding justice for what they call an unjustified shooting.

“He was our son, he was our brother, he was our nephew and the community is sad.”

– Rally leader

Friends, family, and community leaders rallying a cry heard throughout the New Haven Green: “Justice for Mubi!”

They gathered at City Hall in New Haven Tuesday afternoon and marched hand-in-hand with the police department and Mayor Justin Elicker. The group demanding answers for what they call a ‘cold-blooded killing’ by a state trooper.

(Photos: Leigh Busby)

News 8 spoke with those who knew Soulemane best; they called him ‘Mubi’; they tell News 8 he did not deserve to die.

“He’s such a dynamic wonderful person and he did not deserve what happened to him…He had so much ahead of him.”

– Amelia Sullivan, friend of Soulemane

“This is an awful injustice. From what I can tell he was harmless, he was just sitting in the car. He was armed with a knife, but what’s a knife against a gun.?

– Jared Sullivan, friend of Soulemane

Even New Haven’s new Mayor, Justin Elicker, weighing in at the rally:

“A young man that was alive a week ago is dead today. I saw the video and I’m outraged by the video.”

– Mayor Justin Elicker, New Haven

His family says the young Notre Dame basketball standout had a history of mental health issues and has never been violent.

Looking at his final moments on camera, those who knew and love him say the trooper should not have used deadly force.

“I think that Mubi like everyone else in this world deserved his day in court, in court, and instead he’s in the ground.”

– Katherine Miles Sullivan, family friend to Soulemane

The Middlesex State Attorney’s office is taking over this investigation. Trooper North remains on administrative leave Tuesday.

According to clergy, he has until tomorrow to review the body and dash cam footage and then submit his report on the shooting.