NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker says some businesses are not adhering to the 10 person rule and he’s noticing.

At least 50 people were seen sitting close together amid COVID-19 concerns. A photo of the group was snapped inside 50’s on Finch this past Saturday.

Elicker said he saw the social media post and decided to take action. But this is not the only business bending the rule.

“I just sent a police officer to Nica’s because there were many people online inside,” Elicker said. “We’ve had complaints about Middletown Café; we’ve had complaints about 55th Street, and I will continue to highlight the businesses that are not practicing social distancing and that are not complying with our orders because you need to cooperate in order to keep your customer safe in the community safe.”

News 8 dropped by those businesses and they seemed to be complying with the rule.

As new businesses adjust to the new norm, people living nearby are doing the same.

“As we were walking down you know people were actually avoiding each other and keeping a pretty good distance,” said resident Rachel Hill.

The mayor said it’s that type of behavior that needs to continue.

“We don’t want people to stop going jogging, to stop walking on the street, we want people to stay away from each other.”