MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — They’re small, pesky, and the lasting effects of their bites are enough to put people on the run.

This is just one reason why the Milford Health Department is attacking mosquitos before they attack you. Their target is breeding sites, particularly those in densely populated areas.

When it comes to fighting off mosquitos this summer, experts say your weapon of choice should include the “three D’s.”

“Making sure that dumping or draining in standing water and dressing appropriately when you’re outside wearing light colored clothing,” Milford Health Director Deepa Joseph said.

Additionally, it’s important to defend against mosquitos while using the proper repellant.

“You want to use EPA regulated and approved repellant,” John Shepard of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Center said, noting that this repellant has shown to be effective for several hours.

The job of eliminating – or at least reducing the number of breeding sites – is taken very seriously due to the health risk involved, including the West Nile Virus.

In Connecticut, there are more than 50 different types of mosquitos. Surprisingly, not every one bites humans, except for the female.