NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven renters who said they were being evicted as retaliation for forming a union can now stay in their homes.

The Blake Street Tenant Union told News 8 on Wednesday that Ocean Management had canceled the evictions for 16 residents. The union had been negotiating rent increases when Ocean Management issued no-fault evictions for the renters and told them to move out by Sept. 1.

The union said Ocean Management agreed to return to the negotiating table and that no further action will be taken against tenants for the next three months.

“You have a right to form a union, and tenant unions work, that when we work together, and fight for what we need and for what we deserve as people who rent our own homes that you can actually get real results and negotiate with your landlord,” said Hannah Srajer, the president of the Connecticut Tenants Union

News 8 reached out to Ocean Management and has not received a response.