(WTNH) — Some Connecticut and New Haven lawmakers are taking steps to fight against gun violence.

The House Chair of the Judiciary Committee rolled out a package of legislation alongside New Haven city leaders Monday to combat gun violence.The plan includes a ban on so-called bump stocks and ghost guns.

Massachusetts became the first state to ban bump stocks.

Jeremy Stein for Connecticut Against Gun Violence is urging lawmakers to make Connecticut the next state to do so.

“Connecticut has to ban bump stocks too,” he said. “There is no reason why we should have that kind of device in the hands of civilians.”Related content: Malloy proposes “bump stock” ban as first legislative proposal of 2018

Ghost guns are weapons that are partially completed. They do not meet the federal definition of a firearm and they do not require a background check in order to be purchased.

Some lawmakers are calling for bans on them as well.

“Gun laws, like many other laws, constantly have to change to meet technology and what’s happening now is we are seeing people on the internet selling incomplete kits,” stated Rep. William Tong of Stamford.

Bump stocks are a product that can turn a semi-automatic gun into a fully automatic gun. It is the product that was used in the Las Vegas massacre.

These guns have no serial number and is not registered, allowing someone who isn’t lawfully allowed to have a gun to get one.

“By allowing folks to mail-order over the internet pieces of a gun and skirt the laws of our state, the intent and spirit of our laws are not being followed,” said Rep. Steve Stafstrom of Bridgeport.

Lawmakers say they will need to craft the language in legislation to include some of the new high-tech ways guns can be bought and put together.