NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven summer camps are in full swing right now, and Tuesday a bunch of them got visitors bringing them a boost of fuel. 

The summer camp going on at the Clinton Avenue School is run by LEAP, which stands for Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership. Athletics were on display this morning with plenty of exercise going on.

“I like that everyone is staying active and healthy,” said 10 year-old camper Zuleyma Rivera.

“Because when you get exercise you stay really healthy, and I like staying healthy,” said 10 year-old Anaya Alicea “I don’t like to be watching TV all the time, I like to get out and be active.”

Jaquan Brooks is a counselor now, but he’s been involved with LEAP since he was little.

“They teach you how to become a teenager, how to act your age and become mature,” Brooks said. “LEAP has helped me change my life.”

Those special visitors at the camp Tuesday morning were from “Fuel up to Play 60,” a nutrition and exercise program sponsored by the National Dairy Council.

“So we’re trying to let them know at an early age just how important it is to stay active and eat healthy,” explained Hayley Arnold, events manager for New England Dairy.

They were handing out toys and playing games, but local dairy farmers took things very seriously when schools suddenly closed, but still wanted to supply free lunches to needy kids. The Connecticut Milk Promotion Board provided cooler bags to more than 20 districts, including more than two dozen to New Haven.

Those bags also coming in handy for keeping drinks cool during the heat of summer camp season. We are in the middle of the first session, but even after the summer camps are done, that mission of the schools and the dairy farmers to keep on feeding kids in the city, that will continue all summer.