WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – The Lit Ultra Lounge in Waterbury, also known as ‘Ultra Lounge’, had its liquor license suspended and doors closed until further notice due to ongoing violence at the nightclub.

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) signed a summary suspension for the lounge’s liquor permit on Wednesday, which immediately terminated the premise’s license and closed down the popular nightclub.

Agency officials said the suspension is a result of a tip sent to the DCP Liquor Control Division from the Waterbury Police Department. In a letter, police stated that ongoing violent crimes at the club were draining police resources, and specifically cited an incident that occurred on Saturday, Sept. 3.

On that date, Waterbury officers said that Lit Ultra Lounge was the scene of a fatal shooting, in which one person was killed and two others were shot and injured. This closely follows another shooting that occurred in February 2022, where the head of security at the club was shot and wounded.

Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo stated in his letters to DCP that the police department had been forced to assign additional units to patrol the area around the lounge, so they could “maintain an increased” and “almost constant police presence” to attempt to prevent these crimes.

“The continued operation of Lit Ultra Lounge and the criminal activity that occurs there has a negative impact on both public safety and the quality of life in the City of Waterbury,” Chief Spagnolo said.

Now the Lit Ultra Lounge is shut down pending proceedings, revocation, or other action, according to DCP.

“Incidents like the one that occurred over Labor Day weekend at Lit Ultra Lounge are a preventable tragedy,” commented DCP Deputy Commissioner Maureen Magnan. “We expect our permittees to take seriously their responsibility to protect public health and safety, and it is clear from this incident and others that Lit Ultra Lounge is unable to maintain its commitment to that responsibility.”

Neighbors on West Main Street told News 8 they’re used to hearing gunfire in the area, but the latest shooting served as the final straw for the business.

“Incidents that have occurred there, fights, disturbances, large gatherings, so it takes up a lot of our police presence,” Chief Spagnolo said.

Chief Spagnolo noted that there are many residents living above the lounge that have been put in danger due to the club’s violence.

“When you have gunfire in the small confinements like that, an older building, bullets, they don’s discriminate, they head in any direction and go through walls,” Chief Spagnolo said.

The Chief said they’ll be monitoring other night clubs in the city in the event there’s an overflow of patrons and shift their patrols accordingly. Gun violence in Waterbury had nearly doubled year-to-date from last year. The Chief said the rise in gun violence and auto thefts are now spilling over into suburbs around the Brass City.

Those with concerns about a liquor permit holder in the State of Connecticut may contact DCP’s Liquor Control Division at (860) 713-6210, or by emailing dcp.liquorcontrol@ct.gov.