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Local organizations react to the separation of families at the border

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)-- - Church leaders across Connecticut say the latest incident separating children from their families was immoral. Archbishop Leonard Blair with the Archdiocese of Hartford said, "This is not acceptable. This is not in the nation's interest nor is it for the common good. Nor does it respect the common rights of people."

Archbishop Leonard Blair said there is a desperate need for reasonable immigration reform. Archbishop Blair added, "It's been a topic that has been going on forever and this latest incident of the separation of the children from their families from their parents and from their mothers and fathers is yet another tragic and sad indication of how serious the problem really is."

Episcopal priest with Episcopal Church of Connecticut,  Stephen Holton told NEWS8 national divisions and borders is not what matters. Holton added, "Anything that keeps children with their families in a loving holy relationship is probably a good thing but ultimately we've got to look at immigration systematically in our country."

Save the Children works with kids all around the world who have been separated because of war and conflict. They are concerned with what has happened to kids on the border. Carolyn Miles, the C.E.O & President of Save the Children said, "A lot of trauma for children. Trauma that lasts a long time so we are concerned about what's happening to these children."

Carolyn Miles is weighing in on President Trump signing the executive order to stop separating families. Miles added, "We need to make sure that we see what the president has put forward. So far there are no details It really has to completely end the separation of parents and children."


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