EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Although her time courting Gerry Turner has come to an end, a 69-year-old “Golden Bachelor” contestant from East Haven continues to cheer the remaining contestants on.

Peggy Dercole, who was eliminated in the show’s second week, posted two pictures of boxes from a watch party on Instagram. Both show pink boxes with “Will Gerry pop the question?” written on them.

“Popcorn night at the viewing gathering,” she wrote in one. “’Will Gerry POP the Question’. Emotional evening to watch tonite. Love you ladies. ♥️”

Dercole, a dental hygienist and breast cancer survivor, was one of the women (all over the age of 60) dating 72-year-old Turner during the “Bachelor” spinoff.

She’s previously posted multiple behind-the-scenes photos.

In one, she’s seen chatting with fellow contestant Edith during the first night of filming.

“Love this lady,” Dercole posted. “Nice conversation among women at the bachelor mansion.”

In another, she poses with Sandra and Theresa, captioning the photo “With my girls.”

She posted two identical pictures of her smiling, writing, “Laughs at the mansion.”

After the first night, Dercole posted a picture of “designer” cookies made for her watch party. The cookies, baked by user @mycookiephase, include phrases like “Peggy, will you accept this rose?”

You can watch “The Golden Bachelor” at 8 p.m. Thursday on ABC.