NEW HAVEN, CT (WTNH) — Just when you thought New Haven was only known for pizza pies, Lyman Orchards moves into town.

The former Something Sweet buildings in New Haven will be turned into manufacturing facilities for the orchard.

The two buildings, located on Sargent Drive and Grand Avenue in New Haven, will be the new homes for making fruit pies and cream-filled pies.

Right now, their Middlefield farm can churn out about a million pies a year. With their expansion, they can do three million.

“We’re not going to try and compete with pizza, but we’ll definitely have another type of pie, it will be a fruit pie,” said John Lyman, executive vice president for Lyman Orchards. “It’s very exciting, because again, we were bumping up against it with our production. It was kind of limiting our ability to sell the pies.”

Lyman Orchards successfully purchased the assets of Something Sweet out of bankruptcy during an auction that took place in September 2021, and officially closed on the purchase in October 2021.

Over the past several months, staff have been cleaning up both facilities, making the necessary repairs to the buildings and equipment, and getting the proper licenses and permits in place to resume operation.  In mid-December, Lyman Orchards hired back approximately 20 employees, most of which had previously worked for Something Sweet. 

Operations will officially begin Monday, January 24.

Gary Jalbert, President & CEO of Lyman Orchards said, “This acquisition is very exciting for Lyman Orchards, as it enables us to continue supporting the growth of our wholesale bakery operation, it lessens our dependency on weather, and enables us to keep our current production staff fully employed.”

You cannot buy the pies at this location, but you can still get them in Middlefield and Big Y stores.

Lyman said their dream is to one day sell them across the country.