MADISON, Conn. (WTNH) — Madison residents are urging the municipality to crack down on short-term rentals.

A group of locals has raised concerns for years about people coming for weekend stays through websites like Airbnb.

They say that the visitors are loud, pack a lot of people into a single-family home, and trespass on properties on the way to the beach.

“It’s people coming and going,” Laura Palumbo said. “It’s holding your breath every week, wondering if are they going to be loud. Are there going to be fireworks? Is there going to be an event?”

It’s estimated that there are about 100 short-term rentals in the coastal community. Most are in neighborhoods.

Residents said zoning regulations already restrict short-term rentals in neighborhoods, but other members say the properties are not explicitly mentioned. That’s why locals like Palumbo are signing a petition to pass an ordinance targeting short-term rentals.

Under the petition, only monthly rentals in residential neighborhoods would be allowed. Or, a property would have to sit on a certain amount of land to be used as one.