NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) — It’s delivery day! The drop-off of more than 5,000 toys for kids at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital was the result of Faith’s Toy Drive, named for a Madison teen.

“We feel amazing,” says Faith and her mom, Lisa Tremblay.

The 18-year-old has a rare brain disorder, epilepsy, heart issues, and a compromised immune system.

News 8 met Faith in November during a Connecticut Families report.

“These things are lifelong, they’re rare, they’re not going anywhere – at any moment things could get bad for her but she enjoys every single day to the fullest,” explained Lisa, noting that the drive started as a small school project, a way to give back. “It began after 2016 when she was very sick in the hospital for three weeks.”

In the last few years, the effort has grown and grown. Last week’s drive attracted a slew of familiar faces along with tons of donations.

“All of our family, all of our friends, the community, so many across Connecticut,” says Lisa, of all the people who turned out to support the cause.

The stuffed animals, puzzles, and games are given to the hospital’s Toy Closet and also the Child Life specialists.

“This is everything,” says Lisa. “What these two departments do is everything to help a child heal.”

“It’s extraordinary, I’m lucky enough to be seeing this for the very first time,” explains Steve Jakam, VP of Development, who says this is the largest toy donation to the hospital so far this season, thanks to Faith. “She’s thinking of others at holiday time. She’s so giving and warm – she and her mom make quite the dynamic duo!”

Faith says she just likes to make people happy.

As the truck is emptied, a cheer erupts. The completion of a journey that truly captures the magic of the holidays.

“Thank you, just thank you, unbelievable,” says Lisa with tears in her eyes.

The dynamic duo, Faith and Lisa, say they’ll be back collecting items again next year, increasing the goal to six thousand toys!