One baseball fan is making the journey from one iconic ballpark to another — walking 200 miles from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park to raise money for survivors of domestic violence.

Boston native and Red Sox fan David Spillane started his  journey in Yankee territory on September 18. On Thursday, he walked through Milford.  

“It’s a problem that exists everywhere,” says Spillane. “I was talking through some of the fanciest suburbs in America, Westchester County and Fairfield County and you look around and think it’s pretty beautiful until you stop and think, it’s happening here too. It’s happening everywhere.”

He’s raising money for Elizabeth Stone House, a resource center for victims of domestic violence in Boston. Last year he walked from Stockbridge, Mass. to Boston and raised $50,000. This year, he’s looking to raise $100,000. The money would go towards a new building for Elizabeth Stone House. “The size of the problem of domestic violence is so huge that we can’t begin to address it in the small facilities we have now,” says Jim May, the director of development for Elizabeth Stone House. 

For Spillane, the journey brings together two passions: baseball and helping others.

“It’s the greatest rivalry in sports history,” says Spillane, “and what better way to celebrate that between one ballpark to another.”

And whatever side of that rivalry you’re on, David wants you to help out. 

David is set to arrive at Fenway just in time for the Red Sox Yankees game on September 29 where he’ll be honored on the field before the game. 

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