Mayor of Shelton speaks out about Shelton High investigation

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The Mayor of Shelton is speaking out about a criminal investigation involving staff at Shelton High School.

Principal Beth Smith is on leave and multiple staff members at Shelton High are being investigated.

Mayor Mark Lauretti told News 8 this all started with some sort of ‘incident’ between two students on March 26.

Mayor Lauretti, (R) Shelton said, “During the course of that investigation, police felt that there may have been some ‘irregularities’ in how it was handled by school personnel. And as a result, we know that the principal was put on leave of absense.”

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Mayor Lauretti added, “It may have been premature to put her on leave of absense at this point. We now know that there are other people involved, that are being looked at. So I think that if cooler heads had prevailed, we would take a wait and see attitude.”

There had been rumors flying about personnel being walked out of the school in handcuffs but the mayor and police emphasize — no one has been arrested.

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