NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–  Made in the Elm City, it’s a slogan that Mayor Toni N. Harp wants local businesses and community members to embrace. Earlier this morning both business owners and city leaders gathered on state street to both celebrate and promote local products.The campaign’s manager, Elinor Slomba, talked about how local businesses are benefiting from the initiative.

“There’s strength in numbers. We’re going to be at Yale’s graduate student orientation um, launching an online directory in the fall investigating, setting up accounts with distributors to make it easier for these little guys to do business.”

Forty local businesses have already been using the initiative logo on their product while the city has helped to promote the businesses in the program. The eligible businesses for the program include those who produce goods in or in honor of the elm city, businesses that sell those goods, and companies that actively promote New Haven.