MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Meriden’s city council voted to approve the city manager’s resignation Monday evening in a special session.

The council received Timothy Coon’s resignation that morning. In a unanimous decision, the 11 council members accepted it, with paid medical leave, until Jan. 1

The above video is from the 11 p.m. newscast on 11/7/2023.

Coon was arrested for DUI earlier this year, and had another interaction with police last week. He was elected city manager in 2018.

Officers were called to a multi-family home in Meriden early Wednesday morning. According to the police report, officers found Coon sleeping on the floor in the common hallway of the building. Once he was woken up, police said he told them he couldn’t find his keys.

Coon was eventually able to get into his apartment after police said another resident provided officers with a master key. According to the police report, officers asked him a number of questions, and he refused any medical care.

News 8 has reached out to Coon for comment.

“Tim has been a colleague for many years and has become a friend,” Meriden Mayor Kevin Scarpati said. “Anyone who is facing a difficult time we want them to get the help they need.”

Meriden Police Chief Roberto Rosado will serve as acting city manager. This is the second time this year that another city official temporarily stepped into the role.

“It’s never good to have these distractions in place whether it’s around an election or taking away from city resources and time we should be allocating to other projects and we will continue to move the city forward,” Scarpati said.

The city’s fire chief served as acting city manager after Coon took time away from city hall in May after he was arrested for operating under the influence in East Hartford. Police said Coon was driving his personal car the wrong way on Route 3 in Wethersfield. 

The city council decided Coon could stay in his role as long as he completed the city’s Employee Assistance Program. He was also prohibited from driving city vehicles for three years.

Coon publicly apologized for his actions at the time.

“I think we were very generous the first time around, we give everyone a second chance, but at some point enough is enough,” Meriden Council Minority Leader Dan Brunet said on Monday.

The council chambers were full during Monday’s meeting as the public gave their input.

“You need to support him and not kick him to the curb,” said Ann Nguyen, who lives in Meriden.

Others demanded his dismissal.

“For the betterment of the city we need to let him go,” Meriden resident Joseph Vollano said.

On Tuesday, Meriden police released video of the incident which shows officers opening the front door to Coon’s home. He appeared to be asleep on the floor in the hallway outside of his apartment.

A neighbor had called police at 1:42 a.m. on Nov. 1 because she was worried Coon might be having a seizure.

“He’s in the front hallway kicking I’m not really sure,” the neighbor said.

Police were able to wake Coon who they said was disheveled and drunk.

“Your pants are all unbuttoned,” an officer said. “You’re dropping cash all over the place. Alright, so we can’t just leave you here alone like this by yourself.”

Police said Coon was unable to find his apartment keys and when they looked in his car, they found what they say was an open beer can in a cup holder and his car keys.

“I know you’re position okay,” an officer said in the video. “So I’m taking that into consideration here alright but I’m telling you anybody else. Okay, and you can probably ask these EMTs and paramedics you’d be on a stretcher going to the hospital for detox right now.”

Some Meriden residents are upset because they wonder if Coon received special treatment because of his position.

“You’re no better than anybody else,” said Meriden resident Brenda Rametta. “If that was you or me I know where we’d be. We wouldn’t be out here talking. That’s the one thing I took offense at… “I just hope the man gets his help.”

In the video of last week’s incident, police were able to get Coon’s door open so he could safely get back into his apartment.

News 8 reached out to police and the mayor of Meriden to find out more about Coon’s resignation and about how he was treated that night.

Police sent out a message saying they had no comment on the personnel matter involving Coon.