Earth Day is one week from this Sunday. In Milford, they’re already putting an emphasis on the environment. 

“We’re trying to give back to the community and take care of the environment that we depend on for our livelihood and recreation,” said Joseph Gilbert, of Briarpatch Enterprises Inc. 

Briarpatch Enterprises is a local shellfish company, which is spearheading the cleanup effort. Cleaning up trash Friday morning in the area of Gulf Pond, Gulf Beach and Indian River. Some 18 employees, volunteering their time. Coming across just about everything in and around the water. 

“We’ve picked up everything from cigarettes, lighters and coffee cups. I see a bowling ball in the pile. I see wood with nuts and bolts. We are going to get rid of any man-made debris,” said Gilbert. 

The cleanup is happening now, before all the grass and foliage grows in making it harder to see all the garbage that people leave behind. 

“There’s enough accumulated here that we really want to get it picked up before it becomes a hazard to wildlife, degrade our habitats and it’s also unsightly.”

This is the first time the company has done something like this. The goal is to continue doing it with each passing year. 

“If we can provide for the health of the environment, then we won’t have anything to provide for us,” said Brian Yarmosh, an employee at Briarpatch Enterprises.

A reminder for everyone to do their part in their own community. 

“If everybody does a little something before you know it, it will all be done,” said Gilbert.