MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The owners of the Connecticut Post Mall are looking for approval from the city to add housing units to the building, making the state’s largest mall mixed-use. 

Centennial Real Estate applied for changes to its zoning regulations. If approved, the company can add up to 750 units. The plan includes three phases of two years each. The application said a maximum of 250 units can be built every phase and 10% of units in each phase would be set aside for affordable housing. 

Representatives from Centennial were slated to make a presentation to the city’s Planning and Zoning Board last Tuesday, but the item was tabled. 

The idea is along the lines of what the city envisioned for the future. “Milford 2032: City of Milford Plan of Conservation and Development” includes housing recommendations. One of them reads, “Explore updates to the zoning of the Connecticut Post Mall that would enable the area to evolve into a true mixed-use center that accommodates residential uses.”

Shoppers of the Connecticut Post Mall are in favor of the change. 

“Make use of the existing space, it’s already there,” said Seth Dalmacio. “And if it’s affordable for people and people choose to live there, I think it’s a pretty solid idea.” 

Brien McMahon, a shopper from Ansonia, said a place to shop, eat and live could be more convenient. 

“People are downsizing now, less cars and the cost of vehicles and transportation,” he said. So if you have everything you need to shop in the area you’re living, it makes it a lot easier.” 

The next Planning and Zoning meeting is scheduled for October 3.