Milford residents are in shock that a Silver Sands State Park project weeks away from opening was destroyed by a fire. A lot of questions swirling are around, like what’s next for the park, and can any of that money be saved?

Jim Willison of Milford said,
“It’s awful. It was just getting ready to open. Beach season was going to start.”

State Representative Kim Rose says the buildings were part of a multi-million dollar controversial project which included a concession stand, public restrooms and office. The buildings were still owned by the developer. 

Rose said,

“It was a mixed bag. $10 million at a time when the state of Connecticut cannot afford a luxury such as this…Those buildings have not been yet turned over to the state of Connecticut so it’s still owned by the developer so I’m assuming that whatever happens from here will be their responsibility.”

Most neighbors say they were not excited about the project from beginning. 

Paulette Peterson of Milford said,
“We were concerned about what it was going to do to the wildlife and the wetlands.”

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Jim Willison of Milford said,
“I think it was going to cause a lot of traffic Down here. This Beach only holds a certain number of people.”

After seeing the buildings go up some had a change of heart. 

Laurie Robinson of Milford said,
“I thought well, now they have a place to go and do the things they need to do. It does make the neighborhood better. So I came on board with it.”