MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Milford officer who was under investigation after he failed to gather more information for an arrest warrant for a man who then went on to allegedly kill his ex-girlfriend has resigned, according to minutes from a board of police commissioners meeting.

Scott Knablin resigned during the summer, according to the minutes.

Knablin had written an arrest warrant for Ewen DeWitt on Nov. 18 after 40-year-old Julie Minogue filed a complaint with police alleging that DeWitt had broken a protective order against her, according to Milford police. Knablin completed the arrest warrant application that was denied by the Ansonia/Milford State’s Attorney’s Office, which asked for Knablin to provide more information.

“As per policy, Officer Knablin had an obligation to gather that information requested by the Assistant State’s Attorney and resubmit the arrest warrant application as soon as possible,” an announcement from police reads.

The application had not been resubmitted by the time DeWitt allegedly killed Minogue with an axe inside of a Milford home on Dec. 6. The application was transferred to a new detective after her death, which was then signed.

DeWitt’s family has filed a lawsuit against the city and the police department, claiming they didn’t properly respond to her pleas for help before her death.

“Mr. Dewitt had a long history of violent behavior against Ms. Minogue and others, all of which was known or should have been known, to the proposed defendants,” the lawsuit reads.