MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Milford officer is under investigation after police said he potentially failed to quickly gather more information in order to obtain an arrest warrant for a man who then went on to allegedly kill his ex-girlfriend last week.

Ewen DeWitt, 42, is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, 40-year-old Julie Minogue, with an axe inside of a Milford home on Dec. 6.

Minogue, who had a protective order against DeWitt, filed a complaint with police on Nov. 14, stating that Dewitt had sent her more than 200 text messages over the previous two days, which violated a protective order she had against him, according to Milford police. An officer interviewed her and then collected evidence from her cell phone.

On Nov. 18, Officer Scott Knablin completed an arrest warrant application for Dewitt for violating the protective order. A supervisor reviewed the application and then submitted to the Ansonia/Milford State’s Attorney’s Office. It was then denied and sent back to the officer, asking for more information to be provided.

“As per policy, Officer Knablin had an obligation to gather that information requested by the Assistant State’s Attorney and resubmit the arrest warrant application as soon as possible,” an announcement from police reads.

Then, on Friday, after consulting with the state’s attorney, the application was transferred to a detective, and a new warrant application was written. The final warrant was signed this week, charging him with violation of a protective order and second-degree harassment for sending the texts.

“Our efforts will be exhaustive to determine not just how this crime happened, but also what motivated Ewen Dewitt to commit this crime,” the written announcement from police reads.

Police plan to meet with state legislators on Friday to discuss the judicial GPS monitoring system for domestic violence offenders. The department also plans to work with other agencies to protect victims of domestic violence.