NAUGATUCK, Conn. (WTNH) — A Naugatuck golf course had to close its doors over the weekend after a video posted to social media of people not adhering to social-distancing guidelines caught the mayor’s attention.

A Naugatuck resident shot the video Friday in the parking lot at the Hop Brook Golf Course and posted it to Facebook. She was upset at the number of people together.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the CDC has urged everyone to practice social-distancing as an essential action in slowing the spread of the highly-contagious virus.

After the mayor saw the video, he decided to temporarily shut down the golf course to prevent large numbers of people gathering, potentially spreading the virus.

“We were very upset,” said Naugatuck Mayor, Pete Hess. “We immediately sent the police here to break up the crowd and to investigate.”

Naugatuck has 7 positive COVID-19 cases as of Saturday, March 28.

“All the people here playing golf while people are dying in their hospital, this is what’s going on,” said Gwen Becker, whose friend posted the video.  “There these people were — lollygagging around– partying or whatever they were doing…I [needed] to speak out. They’re not taking this seriously.”

At a news conference Saturday, Governor Ned Lamont lashed out at people who are ignoring social-distancing orders during this coronavirus crisis.

“You’re endangering yourself,” the governor said. “You’re endangering your neighbors and you’re endangering your family.  Take this absolutely seriously.”