NAUGATUCK, Conn. (WTNH)– For Naugatuck resident Kathy Coaster, life has been tough.

“Why did it have to happen to me? I was 41-years-old. My children were young. My son was only 8-years-old,” said Coaster.

Kathy was hit with breast cancer and uterine cancer 14 months apart. She won both battles. That’s why she loves what she sees with her police department.

Naugatuck officers are wearing pink badges for breast cancer awareness month.

“They’re giving hope to others,” said Coaster.

It was officer Danielle Durette’s idea.

“We want to show people that this is an important thing and millions of women in America are dealing with it everyday,” said Durette.

They’re doing their part to help them deal with it. In order for an officer to get “pinked out” with a pink badge, they have to raise at least $50 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation online.

The more money they raise, the more pink badges they wear.

“So far, we are at 20 percent of our goal,” said Durette.

That’s just over $400

“It’s fantastic seeing what they’re doing to raise funds, to raise awareness, to educate, to help people who didn’t have funds to get treatment, to get their medicine, it’s fantastic,” said Coaster.

Kathy told News 8 that she wanted to show her appreciation– we gave her that chance.

“I want to thank you,” she said to the officers.

A special thank you for going above and beyond serving and protecting.