NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Three members of PETA were arrested Saturday at the Harvard/ Yale football game after two of them ran onto the field nearly nude in protest of Harvard’s medical research methods. 

Two topless women, body painted as macaques monkeys, ran onto the field during the third quarter of the game, holding signs that read, “Harvard: End Monkey Tests!”. 

Police confiscated the signs and detained the two women, according to PETA representatives. A third protestor wearing a shirt that read, “Harvard: Shut down the monkey lab,” was also detained and later arrested. 

PETA released a statement following the game, clarifying that the protest was aimed at Harvard professor Dr. Margaret Livingstone and her use of animal test subjects. 

“Livingstone’s twisted experiments inflict irreversible harm on lonely, terrified baby monkeys, and not a single treatment for humans has resulted from this torment,” says PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo. 

Harvard had previously released a statement on their website regarding the accusations levied at Dr. Livingstone, stating that, “The content presented on the PETA website is misleading and contains factual inaccuracies. The video, certain photos, and some of the behaviors described on the website are not from Dr. Margaret Livingstone’s lab, and descriptions related to her methods contain inaccuracies and exaggerations.”

Along with the protest at the Harvard/Yale game, PETA plans to run a 15-second TV spot in the Hartford area to promote their research modernization deal. The TV spot is scheduled to run until November 26th.