NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Some people in East Haven are protesting plans to expand Tweed-New Haven Airport. Neighbors have been upset about the expansion for a long time and on Friday, they took their concerns to town hall.

Tweed Airport plans to build a longer runway and a new terminal. Neighbors are worried about the noise, traffic, and environmental impact of a larger airport.

“I don’t really think it’s necessary to have another major airport in New Haven. We’re within 45 minutes of Hartford. I go there all the time, not a problem,” said Donna Richo.

Tweed Airport sits in New Haven and East Haven.

Joseph Carfora, the mayor of East Haven, said last month he is against the new terminal. He said in part, “My concern is that the burden to East Haven that this terminal will bring — traffic, flooding, environmental, public safety, operational costs and capital necessities are monumental, and they far outweigh any direct, limited economic benefit that East Haven will gain. There is NO tax revenue for East Haven, but the burdens are vast, with potentially irreparable impacts.”

Neighbors do not believe the mayor is on their side.

“I think that he’s smart and he’s picking up on what people are saying but I think that his negotiation style is public,” said Gabriela Campos-Matteson. “We know that he’s saying that right now, he doesn’t feel that it’s a good deal. We don’t really know what is going to make him change his mind.”

The airport director did not respond to News 8’s request for comment on Friday but has said they hold public listening sessions regularly and are working to address concerns from those who live near the airport.

The airport is conducting an environmental assessment but a group called Save the Sound has recently called for a more extensive review.